Can Humanoids and ChatGPT Have Emotions or Consciousness

Yıl/Year: 2023• Cilt/Vol: 5 • Sayı/Num:10 • Yaz/Summer

Can Humanoids and ChatGPT
Have Emotions or Consciousness


In this research, the focus is on Humanoids, Artificial Intelligence,
ChatGPT and their effects on humanity’s future. We should learn how
Artificial Intelligence changes our life in future. Because Humanoids
are produced like human beings in every aspect through Artificial
Intelligence, and thus a human-like opponent emerges. At this point,
human beings naturally worry about Humanoids being similar to
them emotionally and consciously. But can humanoids really have
emotions and consciousness through Artificial Intelligence? This
is our main question to answer. Similarly, Chatbots and especially
ChatGPT is very popular these days. However, although it is very
popular in terms of obtaining information, the state of it in terms
of emotion and consciousness is another question that needs to
be answered. The purpose of this article is to discuss whether, on
the basis of artificial intelligence, both Humanoids and Chatbots
such as ChatGPT can have human-like consciousness and emotions
when compared to human consciousness and emotions.

Anahtar Kelimeler/Keywords

Chat GPT, Artificial Intelligence, Humonoids.


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